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Luke the Evangelist

What can humans say for a great Evangelist? Words and works are so small in front of the glorious work done by a main representative of the Orthodox Iconography and one of the four Evangelists. Both authorship and iconography made him a prominent figure of Christianity. Let’s focus on his life paths followed step by step.

Luke the Evangelist or Saint Luke is well-known as a great historian and author of the “Gospel of Luke” and the book of the “Acts of the Apostles” –books of the New Testament–. Through his deep historical sentiments, he is called as a first-class historian and the Thucydides of Christianity. He is also famous for another identity, that of physician. In other words, the third Gospel was written by a doctor from Greece. To tell you the truth, this fact was approved by many experts who had identified medicine terminology in his Gospel. As the fellow traveler of the Apostle Paul, he took part in his tours all over the world.

On the other side of his life, he was the first icon painter according to the Orthodoxy and therefore the main precursor of many iconographers. Because of his dedication and love to the Mother of God, he ask Her to paint Her portrait. He started icon painting when the Archangel Michael brought three planks to him. Three original icons representing Virgin Mary carrying the Child, were found in Great Cave of Kalavrita, Panagia Soumela (Greece) and Panagia Kykkou (Cyprus) until now.

Luke the Evangelist can teach us a lot through his talents, through his humbleness, sacrifices and whole life in general. Discover your talent, what is given to you and grab the advantage of it!

His memory is honored on October 18th by the Orthodox Church.

Best wishes to all artists,

Eva Pol

source: Luke as a Historian and Evangelist, Sotirios Despotis, Synaxis (107), 2008


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