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Half a Butterfly Earrings | Eva Pol Art


Knots, knots, knots and waxed cords! According to its name, micro-macrame is part of macrame. At this time, macrame knotting techniques are used in a small scale in order to produce a form of accessories and jewelleries.

Although, these techniques are the same, there is some difference in appliance cause of dimensions. In particular, waxed polyester threads have almost 1mm diameter. So, sizes make a standard difficulty for it. This also means that sometimes working hours spend for such projects may not be obvious cause of their bulkness.

Concurrently, the same issue makes variations of the same patterns, instead. As for macrame-style knots –cavandoli, square knots, half-hitch knots or half hitches– derived all from arabic macrame, can be used in many many ways making every handmade project unique.

Written by Eva Pol


Half a Butterfly Earrings | Eva Pol Art
Half a Butterfly Earrings | Eva Pol Art

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