Bear Paw Foulard

Bear Paw Foulard | Eva Pol Art


It has been over a week that the rescue teams stopped the search for the camper’s missing daughter… No helicopters roaming over the endless curves and fjords of the Great Bear Forest of British Columbia, no radio signals, no yells and shouts of dispatch groups to stir the tranquility of the scenery. But Jason, armed with the words of his father -no case is hopeless and it is not in our power to call it so- and the sturdiness -even the persistent stubbornness- of a mule, he left his group days ago having a strong feeling that he would find the girl trapped among the fjords where the tide may have blocked her way back to the guide paths… His days in the forest were full of scratches, falls and barely any chances of finding food, alongside with a fever that Jason started to realize that it is from various infected wounds in his feet and over his already weary body. As he reached the first fjords just before the massive trees start to clear out into this watery garden, he noticed he could barely move his feet for a reason and knelt near a tree only to have himself freeze in terror over the sight of a massive bear that rushed just two meters in front of him. The bear which was covered in a unique cream colored fur must have been hunting for fish over the nearby fjord since it had a sparkle like thousands of water drops reflecting light all over her body. Although Jason knew that this is the end of his futile course, he cowered down and squirmed in front of the majestic beast with the hope that it would leave him for dead… though out of a sudden while the chances would all fall to zero he heard a voice…

“I can actually see you and this is quite an insulting thing you do right there!” Jason baffled by the fact that there may be another person around, he yelled from his position what he would thing his last words would be…

“Leave me be! You cannot help me at this point… Run for your life, let it deal with me already!”

“Ehm… who are you talking to? Actually it is only me and you here at the moment and it is quite obvious those words did not come from my mouth…” Jason skipped a frame for a second to realize -with a quick turn of his head- that there were no living person to have uttered those words in the vicinity while a strange feeling that was blurred from his crumbling exhausted self, gave him the impression that those words came directly into his mind…

“Yes human… It is telepathy! How do you think the beings you call “animals” communicate with each other? Just growls and yells? Oh… by the way I have something to show you and we should be hasty about it!” Jason let a stream of thought and the result was magnificent.

“What beings? You are a bear it is obvious!”

“All the living beings on this place have a name Jason, though humans lost the privilege of knowing each being’s true name long long time ago! Ancient residents of this forest used the name Kermode for my kind but even this is not our true name”

Bear Paw Foulard | Eva Pol Art
Flower Drone Foulard  | Eva Pol Art

“Look I am searching for a missing girl… I gave a promise… I have to find her if by any chance you know her whereabouts…”

“Hop on my back Jason I will take you there!” Jason after all this surreal “talk” filled himself with hope and joy that he would soon find the girl and climbed on the bear’s back.

After a brief run through totally uncharted greenery Jason along with his bear guide plunged straight into a great hole not to be stated as a cave since it was right under what it seems to be a humongous uprooted tree.

“Where are you taking me bear?!” Jason barked while covered in the cave’s darkness… but in a brief passing of time, colors and pictures filled the walls while he was driven deeper in…

“Memories, excursions, struggles and one can say adventures… Jason… you do realize you do not have a single though about yourself alone… everything is about “we” and people as a group, this is unique! You know you are a unique person already, don’t you Jason?”

“I… I did not really think of it this way… I am just me and I do want to feel better by seeing the girl we search for!”

The bear guide stopped in front of what it seemed to be a large piece of silk and Jason hopped down on the ground as he figured this would be the end of the ride… With a touch of her great paw, the blank piece of silk quickly filled with a beautiful line of painted green branches and leaves, purple blossoms and sprouts shaped like little bear paws… Then suddenly when the blank piece of silk fully turned into a magnificent piece of art it got sucked into where the wall seemed to be but instead its absence now revealed a blinding-strong white light, illuminating the other side…

“Go Jason! Do not let them wait!”

“Them? Are there more people stranded along with her?”

“I wouldn’t say stranded… they are safe, they earned it, so did you…”

“will you tell me…”

-The bear guide interrupts Jason-

“Go now Jason! …and one day, not today, not tomorrow but in the far future since even where you are going you have to learn and earn some things I may let you know my real name…”

Mini stories by Savvas Devourer Tyridis

Inspired by: Great Bear Rainforest


silk ponge 06


icy green
violet & pastel violet
watercolor primer
pearl white & pearly silver violet for details


185*45 cm

Date of birth