Flower Drone Foulard

Flower Drone | Eva Pol Art


As the heat of summer is a memory long gone and the hasty winds of fall already took their flight away from the once enchanting colorful floral valleys, all they left behind are wandering dandelions and sad trees carved with hearts and initials of various human couples…

“There is nothing left to do! I am bored!” Jinx the sprite barked crossing her thin delicate hands.

“Hey… Do you want to go to the… flower drones?” Warren said with the hope of finding any remaining source of entertainment for his hyperactive sister. Despite the young of her age and the dangers of flying, the big floral drones that grow only in early winter in Freyja valleys, Warren soon had no double thoughts of having a small ride, maybe they would even take advantage of the height and discover any remaining patches of still green land before they hibernate.

Soon they reached the place and Jinx hyped by the thoughts of having her first drone ride almost cried of joy when she saw them up close.

“Wohooo! They are huge! They have four large flat chapters with curved endings and you can even hold the humongous bud in the middle to stay in the center of it!”

“Do not be hasty to judge Jinx, it is more difficult than it seems! Anyway I am driving this so you can enjoy your first ride carefree.” Jinx knelt behind one of the four platforms, her brother holding the middle bud and both waited impatiently for something more than a strong wind to detach the upper drone shaped flower and start their aviation adventure.

“Jinx! I see you will be lucky on your first ride!” Warren said as he felt the strong winds rising gradually and before they both take a good hold of the flower, a furious gale almost threw them of bounds as their floral drone detached and took flight!

“Oh, by the thousand royal jelly drops! It took us higher that we could ever fly!” Jinx awed by the height their vessel could reach started scanning the grounds below only to realise that this time of the year only a few patches of colored valley spots are left.

“Looks as if a careless God shakes his paintbrush from up above, don’t you think sister?” Warren said as the drone started loosing height and the scattered little floral patches started to seem bigger and bigger…

Flower Drone | Eva Pol Art
Flower Drone | Eva Pol Art

Both of them grasped any edge they could find as the drone gradually came a few meters above ground level it drove them through a half naked scrubby patch of trees and while Warren hardly navigated through the branches his sight caught a quick sparkle just too close in front of them…

He has heard of sprite traps but even compared to his sister he was still young enough to have known better… a terrifying thought passed his mind with the sole comfort of it being a forgotten spider net, but it was not.

The flower drone puffed onto the enchanted silk net and the only thing Warren could do is stay still securing Jinx on his chest with his back towards the enchanted net while using his body as a cushion for his sister. Saving her from quite high falls at the early days of when her wings had not fully developed bore fruit for this instance and with a strong push he send her away from the net tumbling onto a narrow branch…

“Warren! Noo! You can get out of this, I know it you can do anything!” Jinx cried those words out knowing already that her brother was long gone as the net fully covered with magic dust made anything already magical to be imprinted on it forever…

With a last loving stare and a protruded hand that kept warning her not to come close Warren was completely drawn onto the net along with the flower drone and a batch of dark blue leaves as his essence scattered onto the silk surface giving it an earthy tan shade with sprinkles of pure gold…

Mini stories by Savvas Devourer Tyridis


silk ponge 06


arctic & night blue
light brown
black & gold for details


95*95 cm

Date of birth