Forest on Fire Foulard

Forest on Fire Foulard | Eva Pol Art


Charred debris from scorched leaves flying in the air like a shower of dizzy fire flies casually approached and passed by the pristine but weary face of the elven queen of the forest only to gradually disintegrate in thin air. She had little time as she knew the fires set by Men always succeed their purpose… The queen washed-out and desperate, reached the Fireplum tree, knelt and braced her arms around it as her forest is on fire…

Oh, the great pride of the flora of Elven forest, the Fireplum tree! With its incombustible blossoms decorated by long-curved sharp green and fiery red leaves nesting their brighter-than-red glazing crimson spores that randomly sprout from its unique charcoal-black branches. The resourceful elves found many uses for these blossoms over the millennia but today… the only survivor, their queen stands in front of the last Fireplum tree as her forest is on fire… The queen knew her time is short since she could now also hear the fire raging, getting even closer to the small glade where the Fireplum tree proudly stands in the middle. She had time to wander around her thoughts, she had a great share of time on these grounds nurturing her folk with wisdom and prudence as her kin nurtured her back with long years of great prosperity.

Forest on Fire Foulard | Eva Pol Art
Forest on Fire Foulard | Eva Pol Art

But now here she stands, as she refused to flee with the rest that rushed to escape the raging fires of Men who came like a spark on a dry field, great in numbers but even greater in greed and destruction as her forest is on fire… While the heat rises and as the flames came closer, even the valiant elven queen fell in woe and despair not only for herself but for the great loss of this once flourishing thriving grounds of nature… Suddenly as she braced the Fireplum tree waiting for her fate to come, a small tremor on the tree’s trunk gradually raising in power reached the branches causing the fireplum blossoms to fall into a crimson shower covering the queen’s body entirely…

The fire had already covered the small pile of blossoms that shielded the queen protecting her from the blazing flames! She could wait for the fire to go off, she could wait for everything to go away but nothing will be the same… So she used her eldritch elven power and let her spirit go. She even felt the grief of the Fireplum tree that gave away its final blossoms in vain to save her from demise. As she ascended higher from the ground, only then she realized –with a sinful feeling of awe– why Men set their fires! It is the ut-most greater form of destruction, the end of all… and all this wrapped in a fascinating swirling dance of consuming flames consuming everything… everything but the incombustible Fireplum tree blossoms. And even higher and higher her spirit rose, the pile of fireplum blossoms seemed like a single big glazing red dot, the heat faded away, but no matter how high she already was, she could still see with her eyes dripping ether tears of woe, that her forest was still on fire…

Mini stories by Savvas Devourer Tyridis


silk ponge 06


opaque black
emerald & salmon
gold yellow


185*45 cm

Date of birth