Lost in Space Foulard

Space | Eva Pol Art


Space is an interesting field for new silk projects. This is the first spacial square silk foulard on which Eva Pol depicts something enormous, an explosion. Let the story begin!

silk muslin
gold yellow
45*45 cm
Date of birth

First thoughts of Divinity

What am I? It is so dense here. I feel so dense, so heavy, so confined. It cannot be like this forever! I have no awareness of myself. I comprehend though… there are things I can do, things I can create if I just was not so dense. I will try! I will try with all my might! It cannot be that hard for me, I’ll just… *Εxplosion* Ooh… I can SEE now, there is Light now! Particles and great masses of gasses! It makes my parts glow and flicker and scattered in the Cosmos! Oh, all my magnicifent pieces! I am magnificent, I am everywhere now! Or not…

I still have my self expanding, will it ever stop? Are there boundaries I can reach? But when? When… I see, I made something new, a new dimension… I will call it Time, or was it just there before me…? Now, all I have to do is, wait and play with Light and Time, until my parts create things and things will turn into beings and they will develop conscience and awareness and they will start wondering about their own creation and they will warship me and fear me and love me and hate me for the wondrous events that will happen in their short mortal lives… and they will see me! In every drop of rain, in the bottom of every lake, in the green of every leaf, in the heart of every fire that will warm them at night, as I see all these are about to happen as I ride the Lines of Time back and forth and in between. But, I will love them back and hate them back and judge them for these actions and watch them bear and live and die ’cause I am everywhere in the things that are now and those that will eternaly come. Though, oh… I… I think I… I… have become… a God…