Silk Backstage Part II 2016

Half a Butterfly Earrings | Eva Pol Art


We will keep sharing moments ’cause this is our major priority. Summer is on the way… with new handmade silk scarves and other projects by Eva Pol Art. The promise is always a promise!¬†


Many thanks to my friends who took willingly part in this project. We’ll repeat it for sure!

Ready for reading  silk stories?


Half a Butterfly Earrings | Eva Pol Art

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Inspired by…

  Eva Pol was inspired by...?   Eva Pol was so intrigued of the notion of painting on the Qeen of the fabrics that she immediately started her new hobby. As the time went by, she realized that silk painting means much more than an activity for her. It's a...

What is Silk Painting?

Silk Painting, do you know that kind of art? Silk Painting is not just a painting genre. By its nature, it's the art of applying dye to silks. As one of the senior arts, it is dated over thousands of years and originated from Asia and more precisely from China. The...

Silk Painting Principles

Silk Painting   Principles Images     The key for silk painting is linked to the respect for the material, cloth, silk itself Tangible or intangible things can strongly motivate the artist For her next handcrafted creations, Eva Pol uses her paint...

Silk Backstage Part I 2016

Silk Backstage Part I 2016   Story It's so cute and so refreshing to share your work with others. It's high time to disclose special moments full of spontaneity and especially the backstage of the spring silk collection 2016 designed by Eva Pol Art.Many thanks to...

Silk Cloud

Projects   Tips Every silk project is inspired by little things or moments of everyday life.The creation is the main part of every handmade project, The same thing happens to silk, as a painting canvas.Every piece of silk art is so unique as we are!Cause & Effect...

Double Scored Creativity

Double Score on Creativity | Silk Painting - Mini Stories Eva Pol is a step forward on creativity process. Every silk project, every little story. Young and creative people, full of fresh ideas and willing to unravel their talent, are now linked to achieve elaborately...

Silk Painting an Extreme Sport

  The issue of creativity on a silk canvas   Silk painting is an extremely creative and risky activity. I avoid to say "job" on purpose, 'cause this is something different. It's something more than a job. This is art! Its difficulty is linked to the cloth by...